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Based in London's Old Street near the Thames with perfect access to the capital and dockland areas. With 30 years experience providing London with a chauffeur service for business and for pleasure.

When hiring/looking to hire any chauffeur driven vehicle it's good to know they're skillful, courteous, helpful, always impeccably dressed and most importantly each luxury vehicle is required by the PCO(Public Carriage Office) to be maintained to the most perfecting standards ; leaving no mark unbuffed..
London Bridge
So if you, or your client require a luxury, flexible and cost
effective way to travel in, out and around London with a
uniformed and skilled/helpful driver, Colcars can accommodate you.

At City of London Chauffeur drive we pride ourselves on a long standing customer base, because from the first contact to the final good bye of the trip we get complimented time and time again on our consistent professional service from your personalised telephone contact to the pristine car and courteous driver we're the ones to depend on.